December 16, 2019

Under the Surface | New European Ensemble


Under the Surface is a unique trio of three musicians from different generations who have found each other in a common urge to search for space and silence through improvisation.
The prize-winning (Edison Award) singer and composer Sanne Rambags will sing a number of poems from the literary magazine De Gids no. 2019/2 with the central topic of Rivers. Sanne is one of the few singers of her generation who is able to improvise in a very open way, sometimes with self-written texts and poems, sometimes by positioning herself completely between the musicians. This gives her voice an instrumental function which is beautifully in line with the open group sound and the playing of Lijbaart and Stadhouders.
Drummer Joost Lijbaart belongs to the top of the Dutch jazz scene. Bram Stadhouders is one of the most promising musicians in the European improvisation circuit. Bram has been selected for several important highlights such as the Dutch Young VIP tour, North Sea Jazz Composition Assignment, “Take Five Europe”, BIMhuis Carte Blanche and more.

New European Ensemble will play:
Kareem Roustom – Shades of Night

I. Al-Ghurub الغروب – Sunset
II. Al-Shafaq الشفق – Twilight
III. Al-Ghasaq الغسق – Fully dark.
IV. Al-Sudfa السدفة – The ‘light’ or ‘the darkness’
V. Al-Fahma الفحمة – The most intense blackness of the night
VI. Al-Buhra البهرة – Midnight
VII. Al-Sahar السحر – The time of the breathing of the dawn
VIII. Al-Fajr Al-Katheb الفجر الكاذب – False dawn
IX. Al-Fajr Al-Saadeq الفجر الصادق – True dawn

Giuliano Bracci – Tutto chiudi negli occhi
Giuliano Bracci piece is a dialogue with Josquin. His music is present, filtered and altered as a memory or a dream. To imagine the effect of memory or oblivion on a fragment of music, to think about the acoustic (and) poetic effect of a sound submerged (for centuries).
What happens to the sound? What is lost?

Then NEuE and Under the Surface will also play together so we are looking forward to this adventure.

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Amstelkerk, Amstelveld 10, 1017 JD Amsterdam