November 29, 2019

Kamerkoor JIP ft. Maryanka Golovchenko & Hannibal Saad


In this concert, JIP makes an imaginary journey across a river, trying to understand the depth of water. Water that is a symbol of life and sources of life, with the sea as the ultimate resting place. Water that can connects cultures, but that can also cause a separation. Water that is a large part of our total ecology and is under pressure due to the constantly changing climate and environmental issues. JIP takes a deep dive and explores all aspects of water, with music from around the most impressive rivers on earth.
JIP choir sings the most beautiful music from Estonia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Canada, the United States, Finland, Ukraine and other countries.

Traditional singer Maryanka Golovchenko will perform Ukrainian folk songs. Water is central in all of them. Water that connects, water that listens to the saddest personal stories, water that protects, water that purifies.

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Name Kamerkoor JIP Category Haarlem




Het Verhalenhuis, Van Egmondstraat 5, 2024 XL Haarlem