December 9, 2019

NEuE string quartet & film screenings


18:00 AFTER LIFE by Louay Dabous followed by Q&A
18:30 THE SOUL OF ALEPPO by Rosh Abdulfatah followed by Q&A
19:00 BRAIDED LOVE by Rand Abou Fakher
20:00 Concert by New European Ensemble

New European Ensemble will present a string quartet playing:
Kareem Roustom – Shades of Night
Giuliano Bracci – Tutto chiudi negli occhi
Wassim Ibrahim – Syriac Fantasy.

Giuliano Bracci piece is a dialogue with Josquin. His music is present, filtered and altered as a memory or a dream. To imagine the effect of memory or oblivion on a fragment of music, to think about the acoustic (and) poetic effect of a sound submerged (for centuries).
What happens to the sound? What is lost?

Kareem RoustomShades of Night
I. Al-Ghurub الغروب – Sunset
II. Al-Shafaq الشفق – Twilight
III. Al-Ghasaq الغسق – Fully dark.
IV. Al-Sudfa السدفة – The ‘light’ or ‘the darkness’
V. Al-Fahma الفحمة – The most intense blackness of the night
VI. Al-Buhra البهرة – Midnight
VII. Al-Sahar السحر – The time of the breathing of the dawn
VIII. Al-Fajr Al-Katheb الفجر الكاذب – False dawn
IX. Al-Fajr Al-Saadeq الفجر الصادق – True dawn

Wassim Ibrahim Syriac Fantasy
The life in the Syriac – Aramaic Church has a feeling of emancipation of time. It consists of a constant motion, in an attempt to dive into the inner life of Man, unleash the imagination in a purely spiritual life. Syriac fantasy is one of various Syriac Aramaic stories.

Film Screenings about the film directors:
Louay Dabous (Syria, 1994). He worked in the Media Department of the Syarian Arab Red Crescent. Moved to Brussels in 2015 and started his studies in film directing at RITCS – Audiovisual Arts, specialised in TV documentary directing. Louay’s work is focusing most of the time on stories of people that in some how has small effect on his way of living and his life’s experience in Syria and in Belgium

Artist Rand Abou Fakher (Syria, 1995) moved to Brussels in 2015. In Syria she obtained her studies as a Flutist in the Conservatory. In Brussels she started discovering the city through the lens of her camera. Her first short film, “Braided Love” was mentored by Hungarian film director Bela Tarr, and made in collaboration with Cinemaximiliaan and the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. The film had its international premiere in Sarajevo Film Festival in 2018. It was Selected for different Festivals around Belgium. Rand is astonished by the power of self sublimation through cinema and how this affects the public fascinates her. Her work is based on the psychological and anthropological questions that are highlighted due to her experiences.

Rosh Abdulfatah will show his 7 minutes film “The soul of Aleppo”. It is an experimental dance movie about the bazaar of Aleppo that has been destroyed. The circular movements of the dancer are a hint to the unending state of the city that has been destroyed by the war many times, but the strong city has been rebuild itself every time. This film is inspired by a famous poem of “Sofie – the wider the vision, the more the difficult is to express”.



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