Culture Unlimited Festival 2019

The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, Haarlem, Brussels

3 November – 20 December

The Culture Unlimited Foundation presents the first edition of the Culture Unlimited Festival

The theme for this year edition of Culture Unlimited festival is Water, incorporating all of its history, practices and meanings for Dutch culture: Water to create collaboration to survive its ravages, and the creation of the first democratic institutions (waterschappen); Water as means of transportation and inclusion to all cultures; Water as inspiration and means of influencing communication.

The Culture Unlimited Festival will include contemporary music from the Netherlands, oriental world, as well as it will present traditional and crossover composed music. Our music program features existing bands and ensembles as well as solo artists in special collaborations with existing formations. The festival features New European Ensemble, Tony Overwater Ensemble, Khaled Alhafez,  Under the Surface, JIP Kamerkoor, Consorte Vocaal Ensemble, Oene Van Geel, Sanne Rambags, Maya Fridman, Jeroen van Vliet, Choir August 38th, Rembrandt Frerichs, Trio SayeRoshan, Maryanka Golovchenko, Bowl of Honey. We also feature compositions by Guillermo Bracci, Ned McGown, Kareem Roustom, Kinan Abou-Afash, Wassim Ibrahim, Jeroen van Vliet, Kaveh Vares, Wolfert Brederode.

Check day-to-day festival program here


Cooperation with De Gids Magazine:

This year the GIDS Magazine, the oldest literary magazine in Europe, commissioned poets and philosophers to write about water as the main theme of our festival. The GIDS asked Willem Jan Otten, Saskia de Coster, Pieter Boskma, Piet Gerbrandy, Maria Barnas, Joke Hermsen, and others to write poems and essays.

The special issue on water was published on April 15, 2019. The copy was distributed to 20000 subscribers of De Groene Amsterdammer. After which we held several concerts inspired by the publication. The outcome was performed in our partners festival in June in Belvedere Verhalenhuis and Gaudeamus Muziekweek in September. In our festival we work with the poetry and essays, commission composers and improvisers to work using the texts.


Festival Partners and Supporters